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Coens want to remake "Rooster Cogburn?"

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Default Coens want to remake "Rooster Cogburn?"

Today, in a live web-chat on, Ethan Coen (one half of the revered Coen Brothers duo, who have directed such films as Fargo, The Big Lebowski and Best Picture 2008 No Country for Old Men) announced that a sequel to their recently released Oscar-nominated picture True Grit is currently in the pipeline.

The film will be a direct remake of the sequel to the original True Grit (1969), which was titled Rooster Cogburn (1975). As of yet, it has not been announced which members of the cast will be returning, though it is worth noting only the character of Rooster (John Wayne/Jeff Bridges) was in both original films. The lead actress in the film was Katherine Hepburn, who played Eula Goodnight, Coen stated that they had identified Cate Blanchett (Benjamin Button, The Lord of the Rings trilogy) for this part, and that currently they were negotiating with her people.

While a release date is a long way from being even speculated on, it is worth noting that the Coen Brothers have several other projects currently on the go, including a remake of the 1966 crime thriller Gambit, which starred Michael Caine, Colin Firth has been cast in the lead role.
Ha, having watched "Rooster Cogburn" JUST today, I was actually thinking who would be Katharine Hepburn in a remake. I came to the conclusion of the team of Jeff Bridges and Helen Mirren.

So I guess the Coens have fallen into a remake sink trap? Could be interesting. Could suck.

T.M., Esq.
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Default Re: Coens want to remake "Rooster Cogburn"

Here's the chat.

The Rooster reference:

James Barrett says: Is there a possibility that you may remake the sequel to True Grit (Rooster Cogburn, 1975) in the future?
Yes, if we can get Cate Blanchett to do the Katharine Hepburn part. We're in negotiations with her people.
I'm not sure it's a serious answer, they say the same thing later:

Finkblot says: Joel, have you considered working with Sam Raimi once again? Hudsucker Proxy was a revelation, and Crimewave was insane!
No, Sam's too busy. We're game. We're in negotiations with his people.
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Default Re: Coens want to remake "Rooster Cogburn"

Sounds like The Coens are being their usual selves and taking the piss out of someone. I doubt they're going to do Rooster Cogburn.

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Default Re: Coens want to remake "Rooster Cogburn"

Yep. I took it as a joke, just like the alleged "horror movie" they're working on.

Believe it when I see it.
wesr @ hotmail .com
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