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Thread: Real Time In Part 7?

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    Default Real Time In Part 7?

    I was just curious as to what all of you think about the time throughout the movie? What I mean is the scene when Tina launches the TV at Crews onward? Do you think all the things happened over just an hour after that or if it was say 10PM when that happened and all the stuff after like Sandra and Russell being killed to Jason being chained back up again in the lake being hours apart? I would say myself that the events after Tina launching the TV were 6 or 7 hours in the making. I would say as far as scene to scene that it was 10PM that Tina launched the TV at Dr. Crews and maybe five or ten minutes after (I would say that because it wouldn't have been the same time it cut to it in the movie as far as seconds because otherwise Nick probably would have bumped into Sandra and Russell. Possibly could have saved or attempted to save them from Jason. Depending on the timing. If he did see them it was probably right as they were going on there supposed walk and they were exiting the door as he was entering.) that is when Sandra goes on her ill fated skinny dip and Russell of course gets it as well. Everything going on at the party would have probably been real time along with Sandra's body being dragged out of the lake and through the dirt and Jason probably set her down where she was later shown and then right after that grabbed up Russell's body and climbed up a tree with it. Then about a half hour later Tina runs off when she hears what Crews plans and wrecks the car and runs into the woods. Right around the same time Maddy being killed in the tool shack next to the house and then Jason pinning her body by the wrists on the tree that Jason put Sandra and Russell's bodies at which was probably going by when Tina finds them about 150 to 200 feet into the woods from the houses. Which probably would have taken Jason about another 15 to 30 minutes to do. Then about a half hour or more later everyone having sex and Jason killing Kate and Ben probably around 11:30. I would say it took Jason another 15 to 30 minutes to movie Kate's body to where he put Sandra, Maddy and Russell at and whatever the hell he did with Ben's body making it 12:00 then Jason going back to the house and ripping the electric meter out of the side of the house which might have been around 12:30. Then at 1AM him coming into the house and killing David and Eddie a few minutes apart and then maybe throwing Robin out the window at 1:30. Then maybe at 3AM Nick going from the Sheppard's house to Russell's uncle's place to try to round everyone up after him waiting over at the Sheppard house for over an hour thinking that Crews and Amanda would be back. As Nick is looking Jason chasing Amanda and Dr. Crews through the woods with the bill hook and stabbing Amanda in the back with it as Crews holds her. He runs off and Jason looses sight of him after setting Amanda's body down. Around 3:30 Nick finding Eddie's corpse and bolting next door only to find Tina gone and Melissa in her place. Tina then looking around the woods since 3:15 and finally bumping into Crews about 45 minutes later. Crews being killed right after Tina runs off and Tina maybe wandering aimlessly for maybe another half an hour which would make it around 4AM finds her mother's body and a few seconds later see's Jason and pursues him for a few seconds and then finds the bodies of Sandra, Kate, Maddy and Russell. Then goes after Jason again and the rest being within a 10 minute or so period up till her summoning her father and him chaining Jason back up. Then maybe a half our later at 4:40AM a police officer arrives and he calls for backup and they sweep the whole area till sunrise and then once they know the area is clear the Fire and E.M.S. people arrive and take Nick and Tina to the hospital around 7AM. I would say the other police officers left and went down the road on the hunt for the killer so that is why you only see the one cop at the end and not a dozen or more around the crime scene.

    They probably just told him to secure it so that is why you only see one or it could be like in my fan story Friday The 13th: The Survivor that they were around and the camera just doesn't show them in the movie. In my mentioned story I give a similar timeline that the events unfold. In my story Sandra is the third survivor and she wakes up a few seconds after Tina bumps into her and runs off since in my story Jason pulls her underwater and drowns her and she was comatose when he dragged her through the dirt and into the woods about 200 feet from the lake. She gets up and staggers naked through the woods disoriented and watches in horror from the edge of the woods as Jason chases Tina from house to house. After she sees Jason taken back into the lake that is when she bolts out of the woods and to the edge of the lake and walks a couple of feet into the water and retrieves the Colt Model 1911 45ACP Semiautomatic Pistol that Nick used on Jason since she feels safer with a gun even though it didn't put Jason down. She then goes back into Russell's uncles house and calls the police so that is how they know to get there. She gets a shower and gets cleaned up and clothed and the cop that is shown in the movie is the first to arrive and a few minutes after Tina and Nick are taken to the hospital a rookie Wessex County Sheriff's Deputy Gustave Wesker (made him in my story the cousin of Resident Evil's Albert Wesker even though it is not a crossover story) gives her a ride to the hospital as well in his squad car. And in the story they later hookup with each other. (Which helps Sandra deal with the trauma of loosing Russell since she had been in love with him since kindergarten since I wanted to make it more tragic.) The above timeline to me makes since because even though I am sure it is one of the movie mistakes you are not supposed to notice but it always bugged me when Tina finds Sandra's body that her hair is completely dry when as cold as it was outside and all it should have been still damp to a certain point anyway. Maybe completely wet even hours later since it was cold. If you go by the run time of the movie it especially wouldn't make since. But in my story I added another reason as well and that is that God didn't want her to die and wanted her to live on like Tina and Nick so he made her hair dry inhumanly fast so she wouldn't get hypothermia from having wet hair on top of being naked and unconscious in the cold. Speaking of which if anybody wants to read my unfinished fan story let me know and I will PM you the link.

    So anyone else on here have any theory's on the time line or give there two cents?

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    Default Re: Real Time In Part 7?

    I never really thought about the timelines in the films, but you raise a good point. That's a lot of activity to fit into one evening and what if it dragged on longer and the sun started rising? It would have ruined the ambience of VII in the day time.

    Interesting thing to ponder, no doubt. I guess the MPAA edits weren't drastic enough to affect the timeline.
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