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Thread: Twisted Nightmare (1987)

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    Default Twisted Nightmare (1987)

    A group of former classmates are all mysteriously invited up to a camp site in the middle of the woods that used to be a summer hangout for all of them. This is the first time they have all been together and back there since the tragic accidental death of one of the girl's brother who was mentally handicapped. Once they arrive the reunion seems like the ultimate weekend of partying, drinking, and lots of sex. It isn't long before a massive powerful killer begins slaughtering these young couples off one by one. Who's responsible? Is it a madman, or something supernatural?
    I managed to check out the Code Red blu-ray release of this lesser seen slasher earlier this evening. I'll admit, the first twenty minutes had me wondering if this was going to turn into another Terror at Tenkiler, but once the subplot involving kitten adoptions is concluded and the cast is given things to do rather than attempt to speak dialogue, it improves into the "it's bad, but fun" category.

    Most of the kills feel truncated with an exception here or there like the one where a man's head is ripped off and his body continues to twitch including the hand holding a pistol. The hand twitches and fires the gun at the head and connects. That's right--a decapitated body shoots its own head. There are a couple of similar death sequences that call back to other films like a double impalement, a woman tossed onto a set of deer antlers, and a pitchfork to the chest inside a barn.

    That last one may be intentional since the movie was shot at the same location as Friday the 13th Part III and that barn gets plenty of spotlight in Twisted Nightmare. It's nearly the same looking as is most of the land around it. The adjourning house looks to be the same as well other than the color of the outside, unless I'm remembering incorrectly.

    Hands down, the best character is the angry mustache guy. I think his name is Dean. He's always bitching about something and it's damn hilarious. The best scene is when he jumps out of bed, looks down at his lady friend, and declares he "ain't no pussy". Then he pauses for a couple of beats before grabbing a nearby cot and breaks it by tossing it at a wall. I'm not sure if the statement and the cot throwing are even connected as his performance makes it seem like they're two totally separate events. The man even gives the villain the finger and taunts him after escaping.

    I'm left with a few questions.

    Why did Laura, the sister and mastermind of this death gathering, bother to bring her boyfriend along when he had nothing to do with her brother's death? Exactly why did Matthew burst into flames in the barn? Why did the monster simply lock the lousy final girl in the ice house rather than kill her? When he was closing the roof entrance to the ice house, was that a screw up with the door? It kept getting stuck.

    If you watch the blu-ray, make sure to check out the special features. They are more bizarre than the movie itself. Cleve Hall's (Matthew in the movie and damn if he doesn't look different today) interview is a 19 minute exercise in what-the-fuckery. The interviewer looks completely bored, Hall rambles on about CGI and filmmaking, people keep popping into the interview, and there are random sound effects and video clips. Was Hall in on the joke? The 6 minute segment Q & A after the theater showing is the same except none of the "funny bits" were really needed. Look at the audience...there's nobody! Most people are leaving or talking about something else. It's so strange.

    Anyone else check out the movie?
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    Default Re: Twisted Nightmare (1987)

    I watched this movie on you tube a couple of years back . I watched it back to back with another film i found on you tube at the same time... Humongous. (What a night that must've been, i hear you say !!&#128514.

    It wasn't too bad, although the picture quality wasn't the best. You're right though...Dean was hilarious to watch and the best character by a country mile.

    Worth a watch but don't expect too much

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