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With the site closing I wanted to say a few words, but having written them it's more than a few. And yet they're still not enough. I'll try to name-check everyone who deserves it but there's a lot of people to get through. If I've missed you please believe me I'm sorry. This seems like an awfully long and sappy goodbye considering we've got another forum opening as I post this but it still seems like it's the end of an era, and some of these things are probably overdue being said. So here it goes:

My heart broke when the forum at Fridaythe13thfilms went down in 2007. I had logged in almost every single day for 7 years and although I wasn't a prolific poster it was part of my routine. And then it was gone.

I'd never had much to do with James Jeans up until that point but he gave us hope when he started up a free board. I will be forever grateful to him for that. I was 21 at that point and had never run a website before, but I wasn't ready for my daily fix to be done. I arrogantly volunteered my services, taught myself how to install vBulletin and with Blake (Tyner) on board to buy our first license two guys I'd never spoken to before and I were off.

So there we are, an unlikely trio - a brit, a doctor who fan and a train-loving gun-nut - and we need staff. Not sure we put much thought into how many but in that first round of mods we found some awesome people. Linderman was awesome, I wish he'd stayed longer. The Dream Master became the most prolific mod I've ever seen, and runs his own review site now (built in the very early hours of the morning when my first child was keeping me awake). Andiac is one of the kindest, most level-headed individuals I've had the pleasure to deal with online, he's one of my favourite members ever. Jason's Storm - keeper of the ban hammer and bane of all spammers. Not forgetting Kat, Denzil, Showstoppa, DavidDunn, Melanie Jarvis, Fan of Freddy; all good people.  And Hoody was in that original batch of mods, but sorry buddy but you're getting your own paragraph in a minute.

Life caught up with a few of our mods and they stopped dropping by, so within 6 months it was time to bring in some new blood. Cody has watched more movies this week than I've watched all year - I don't know how the studios keep up with him.  I miss that guy. Girlychaos despite all that has happened since made a difference as a mod.

So that would have been it for our staff - if Monkey hadn't messaged me in 2010 asking to become a mod. Normally asking to be made a mod is the number one way to take yourself out of consideration but I'm glad Monkey was the exception. No one cares more about this place than he does. From the competitions he runs to just being an all-round great guy - if I didn't start a new forum for any other reason I'd have started one for him.

And so on to Hoody. From mod, to super-mod, to admin. To call him my right-hand man would be to do him a disservice. He's done far more for the place than I have. Level-headed, active and an all-round nice guy to boot. I really couldn't have done it the last few years without him.

Outside of the staff we've also had plenty of other amazing members. I can't mention them all by name (there's more than a thousand of you) but here's a few that are at the forefront of my mind:

Westin: never seems to know how great he is, but anyone who reads more than a couple of his posts knows.

VV: Apparently he was All the Rage back in the day. Over the years I've seen him grow up (a little). A genuinely funny pain-in-the-ass type and proof that second chances are well-worth giving.

Chex: Movie chat was awesome, where the fuck are you man? Get your arse over to the new place.

Skye: Currently running movie chat and a forum main-stay.

And all the others including Speck, OAPH, Tall Man, Master Taffer, craven, Notti, DiMidio, Rivers13, i am Saw, Utellme, et al.

Ten years, more than a thousand members and hundreds of thousands of posts - but more importantly friendships that will span longer and be more important than any website. That's the legacy of the F13community. Thank you all for making this place worth the time and effort it took to keep it running but most of all for being part of that legacy.

Now let's get to 10 years!